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The information on surname matches of 1870 African Americans and 1860 slaveholders is J., 135 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 35, JOHNSON, Wm. 3, page 90B, STOWERS, Elizabeth, 84 slaves, Police Dist. WebThe history of slavery in Missouri began in 1720, predating statehood, with the large-scale slavery in the region, when French merchant Philippe Franois Renault brought about 5, page 31B, VANCE, Abram K., 35 slaves, Police Dist. WebThe property spanned 1,250 acres (510 ha) and had 105 slaves. SURNAME MATCHES AMONG AFRICAN AMERICANS ON 1870 CENSUS: (exact surname spellings only are reported, no spelling variations or soundex), (SURNAME, # in US, in State, in County, born in State, born and living in State, born in State They are not available for every county, and several years are not indexed. 3, page 106, CHAMBERLAIN, T. C., 72 slaves, Police Dist. See how the Historic Preservation professionals at MDAH can help Mississippi communities and federal Tribes preserve historic architecture and archaeology. could have held slaves on an earlier census, so those films can be checked also. The plantation survived the Civil War and the Union occupation of Mississippi during the later half of the 1800s. Some 36,000 former slaves are listed on the contracts, which record the freedmens agreement to work for a planter (possibly their former master) for a fee, medical care, housing, and sometimes a share of the crop. related terms such as African American, black, mulatto and colored are used as in the source or at Masters who allowed their slaves to go at large, hire their own time, or deal as a free person, were fined between $20 and $100 for each offense. L., 21 slaves, Police Dist. You are the visitor to this page. This transcription Negroeswas about 38% less than what the colored population had been 100 years before.) Collections It has been associated with many famous people throughout its history. Primarily, slave patrols attempted to exert control over the slave community using fear and force. 3, page 92, BULLIN?, David, 55 slaves, Police Dist. - McCallum Papers not take into consideration any relevant changes in county boundaries. Arthur Edward Cavalier de LaSalle, Arthur LaSalle as he liked to be called, was given a lifetime lease of the home by the owners to repair, live in, and give tours of the mansion in the early 1970s. quality, handwriting interpretation questions and inconsistent counting and page numbering Rena Primus m. Joseph Reed 25 June 1880 Cemetery category needed, Missouri. MDAH provides free and low-cost services to help state and local government entities comply with Mississippi laws on records management. J., 35 slaves, Police Dist. These records are available on microfilm. as almost 11% of African Americans were enumerated as free in 1860, with about half of those In most cases, the original copy of the record remains in the courthouse while the state archives maintains a microfilm copy. 2, page 75, BRUN?, Catherine, 20 slaves, Police Dist. It also did not change the status of slaves (or their children) who obtained freedom in Missouri through court actions, emancipation, etc. George, 46 - Martha, 25 - Alex, 16 - Rena, 12 - Nelson, 11 - Dudley, 8 - Frozina, 4 - Elenora, 3 - Harrison, 11 months 3, page 105, STEWART, W. B., 61 slaves, Police Dist. Plan your visit to our reading rooms in Jackson, where most of our archives are housed.. 5, page 39B, PREWETT, Joseph, 75 slaves, Police Dist. Cases that were thought to have valuable genealogical data were indexed by Mary Flowers Hendrix and published in Mississippi Court Records 17991859; the volume is indexed by the name of the contesting parties. W., 52 slaves, Police Dist. With statehood came new laws regarding black persons, including an 1825 law that prohibited a free negro or mulatto, other than a citizen of some one of the United States to come into or settle in this state under any pretext whatever (Laws of the State of Missouri, 1825, p. 600). Malinda Bradley m. Jacob Cox 23 Nov 1878 Two slaves of William were named as servant members of Union Church Presbyterian Church. 3, page 96B, DARDEN, A. J., 35 slaves, Police Dist. JEFFERSON COUNTY The wife of a man who was found shot to death has been arrested and charged with his murder Sunday morning in Jefferson County. Mississippi History Now The process of publication of Z.?, 58 slaves, Police Dist. MIGRATION OF FORMER SLAVES: According to U.S. Census data, the 1860 Jefferson Explore roles for public, behind-the-scenes, and even virtual e-volunteers. Springfield is still a working plantation. blacksmiths boy apprentices, WEST, Thomas C., 24 slaves, Police Dist. In the interim, a slave revolt broke out on the Jefferson County plantation and a young woman died when the Ross' mansion was set afire, precipitating a lynching of several slaves suspected of setting the fire. On August 14, 2008, LaSalle died there. PURPOSE. County. See what's new in our collections of historic objects, archival records, and archaeological artifacts. A capture within Missouri's borders, with no age limit, netted a reward of $25. Estimates of the number of former slaves who used the surname of a 4, page 47B, MADDOX, A., 63 slaves, Police Dist. Journal of Rockingham County History and Genealogy 1976-1978, Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland, Genealogy of John Howe of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts, Ezekiel Cheever and some of his Descendants, Early Records and Notes of the Brown Family. Professional Development Sometimes family units or relationships are indicated on the contracts. The tours have stopped, but the owners say they will be restarted. Particularly in the case of these larger slaveholders, the data The 1940 census is the most recent one opened to the public and is available online.. Engage MDAH staff for one hour of intensive research on your project. 2, page 87B, SCOTT, Samuel, 169 slaves, Police Dist. Jefferson County, included the following: Georgia, up 80,000 (17%); Texas, up 70,000 (38%); By the 1870 One of the oldest mansions in Mississippi, the Springfield Mansion was built between 1786 and 1791. 2, page 80, WADE, Lauane?, 20 slaves, Police Dist. the matching. As with laws concerning slave transport, the legislature frequently passed additions or modifications to the original 1804 code; most increased monetary punishments and repealed corporal punishments for white offenders. 1, page 71B, KILLINGSWORTH, A. W., 104 slaves, Police Dist. methods used by the census enumerators, interested researchers should view the source film In witness whereof I warrant my hand and seal this 3 day of July A. D. 1854, --------------------------------------------. 1, page 65, JEFFRIES, James, 62 slaves, Police Dist. most slaves with the least amount of transcription work. By 1857, in the midst of increasing hostility and sectional bitterness over the western expansion of slavery, the General Assembly attempted to pass legislation requiring that all boats and water vessels be chained and locked at night. to describe the main subdivisions of the State by which the census was enumerated. 4, page 51B, BROWN, Latham, 33 slaves, Police Dist. Many were surprisingly successful, but this positive and hopeful-sounding law was offset by subsequent regulations that created a harsher slave code for daily living. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), These people saved lives today: Adams County Sheriff praises civilian rescuers after horrific accident critically injures two, Ferrell, longtime second-generation Adams County sheriff, dies, Natchez woman dies after collapsing in fitness center parking lot Tuesday night, 2023, Mississippi's Best Community Newspaper. It Elva Shaw m. Wesley Reed 13 Jan 1871 missouri. to locate a free person on the Jefferson County, Mississippi census for 1860 and not know 3, page 92B, BROWN, Thomas C., 27 slaves, Police Dist. Most of the marriages recorded took place in Warren County and involved grooms who served in the United States Colored Troops. The archives has nearly 400 manuscript collections associated with the different wars in which Mississippians have served. had declined about 14% to 10,633. WebThe 1860 U.S. Census Slave Schedules for Jefferson County, Mississippi (NARA microfilm series M653, Roll 599) reportedly includes a total of 12,396 slaves. 3, page 96, DENT, George R., 198 slaves, Police Dist. ----------------------------------------------. The archives offers microfilm copies of most of the original marriage books held by the county courthouses. holder. Jefferson County Sheriffs Office responded to a call from another family member at 10 a.m. Sunday to the house at 1998 Granger Road near Roxie. (Indian slavery was common in territorial Missouri; most Indian slaves had been captured during intertribal wars and sold to white traders. Uncle Jim is small, wrinkled, and slightly stooped. 4, page 53, MCCORCLE, Isaac B., 91 slaves, Police Dist. The oldest date to 1850, while others are as late as the 1950s. Melvin Bradley m. Sallie Snyder 21 Jan 1882, Shaw (Thompson B.) describe the main subdivisions of the State by which the census was enumerated. Fearing slave escapes, territorial legislators included provisions designed to decrease these attempts. Download ready-made guides for seven historic destinations. these former slaves may have been using the surname of their 1860 slaveholder at the time of the 2, page 77, WADE, Mary? History [ edit] Springfield, circa 19361941 One of the oldest mansions in Mississippi, the Springfield Mansion was built between 1786 and 1791. Learn about our traveling exhibits and how to bring one to your organization. L.?, 27 slaves, Police Dist. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal, W. A. Killingsworth, Witness 3, page 104B, REYNOLDS, Nancy? 4, page 60B, HUNT, Geo. M., 72 slaves, Police Dist. 3, page 96B, HARRISON, Hay B., 47 slaves, Police Dist. 1, page 65, YOUNG, Alexander, 80 slaves, Police Dist. Received January the 29 1847 of Wm Shaw of Jefferson County Mississippi the sum of four thousand dollars in full consideration for the following named slaves to wit - SAM aged about twenty five years GEORGE aged about twenty three years ABRAM aged about nineteen years old ALFRED aged about seventeen years old TOM aged about thirty years old and AMY his wife aged about twenty years old and ELIJAH aged about fourteen months all of which slaves I do warrant sound except TOM whose health I do not warrant. Marriage records prior to 1926 found in Mississippi courthouses by the federal Works Progress Administration were indexed (using the federal Soundex Code) by grooms surnames. 5, page 41B, SCOTT, John W., 22 slaves, Police Dist. Laws prohibited selling, bartering, or delivering vinous or spirituous liquor to a slave. At that first meeting, the general assembly enacted legislation necessary to make the constitution operative. Learn how to add to them with your own material or objects. Careers Copyright 2023 Mississippi Department of Archives and History, William F. Winter Archives & History Building, How to Send Your Records to the State Records Center, Vital Records office of the State Department of Health website, Mississippi World War I statement of service cards. Using plantation The statute instructed the governor of the state to publish the new act in two newspapers in different parts of the state for three months and then annually thereafter. The term County is used to 4, page 56B, OCTUN?, Thos. on this list should not be a difficult research task, but it is beyond the scope of this transcription. Speaking of Mississippi PodcastSpeaking of Mississippi features interviews with authors and experts about the states landmark moments and overlooked stories. 5, page 39, HUBBARD, Smith, 76 slaves, Police Dist. 3, page 97B, TRIMBLE, Michael W., 69 slaves, Police Dist. Order Historical Images Although statutes prohibited abolitionist publications in the late 1830s, a decade later, the fear of abolitionist doctrine remained strong. A second offense brought twenty years in prison; and a third offense translated to a life sentence. 5, page 40B, JONES, Esther J., 36 slaves, Police Dist. 2 & 3, page 88B, COLEMAN, Cassandu?, 22 slaves, Police Dist. I warrant the above named woman sound in body and mind and a slave for life. Video series highlights topics found in our museums for teachers and students. Received of William Shaw twelve hundred dollars in full for a negro woman named NANCY aged about nineteen years of black complexion. (As a side note, by Mississippians have a long history of serving in the armed forces. Sources . 2, page 85, SCOTT, J.? It is possible WebCounty population included 5,806 whites, 10 free colored and 11,975 slaves. In addition, the code made it unlawful for slaves to leave their master's property without permission, and prohibited slaves from carrying guns or owning property. Various articles of the colonial black code described the punishment for slaves who struck their master or his family, as well as for assaults upon any other free persons. whether that person was also listed as a slaveholder on the slave census, because published County in Louisiana saw an increase in colored population of almost double between 1860 and 5, page 39, DOBYNS, C. E., 105 slaves, Police Dist. In 1850, the slave enumerated, out of a total of 3,950,546 slaves, and the transcriber did not find any such 3, page 108, DARDEN, Put?, 28 slaves, Police Dist. 3, page 100B, MONTGOMERY, Saml. The mansion was one of the first houses in America to have a full colonnade across the entire facade and is the first such mansion to be built in the Mississippi Valley. Abram Bradley m. Sarah Eckley 22 May 1867 ROLAN WILLIAMS-MS -Holmes County -Lexington Beat -1860 . The American law made no distinction between slaves and other personal property in the territory. BRADLEY MARRIAGES 3, page 107B, HARRISON, Nathaniel, 69 slaves, Police Dist. States and Counties, return to. age and color of the slaves. Federal Census 1, page 66, SIMS, Eliza, 47 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 34B, COX, Robert, 95 slaves, Police Dist. ancestor is found to have been a slaveholder, a viewing of the slave census will provide an Jefferson County Marriage Project I was born in Greenville, Mississippi. Each countywide slave schedule must be searched to see if there are names of enslaved individuals or not. Although the legislation is harsh, in reality, some of the laws were never enforced, or, at most, were only used when considered absolutely necessary. 1870, growing to over 50,000, so likely that is where some went. Nelson Primus m. Nancy Nichols 06 Feb 1880 Experience Mississippi history at more than a dozen destinations made available to the public by MDAH. WebBeing the center of slavery and cotton culture, heavily agricultural places such as Mississippi seceded first and returned to the Union last. includes 185 slaveholders who held 20 or more slaves in Jefferson County, accounting for 10,600 Charly Bradley m. Melissa Hill 22 May 1881 methods used by the census enumerators, interested researchers should view the source film Catalog record for Dawes Rolls microfilm FORMER SLAVES. 2, page 76, VANCE, W. G., 98 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 39B, BAKER, Thomas F., 37 slaves, Police Dist. 1, page 73B, MONTGOMERY, Hugh, 87 slaves, Police Dist. During the 1840s, legislators amended the runaway slave section to include a reward system. 2, page 82, KEYS, T. J., 20 slaves, Police Dist. A quarter-million photographs, postcards, maps, and more, available for reproduction. By 1845, these patrols had permission to administer up to ten lashes to slaves found strolling about from one plantation to another, without a pass from his master, mistress, or overseer (Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri , 1845, p. 404). After the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803, the new territorial government of Missouri immediately instituted black codes, based largely on the code in place in Virginia, and similar in some ways to the French Code Noir. Subscribe to the MDAH Weekly Update and the Mississippi History Newsletter to keep up with all the latest news, upcoming programs, and special exhibitionsat the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. A., 63 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 87, DARDEN, Jessee H., 75 slaves, Police Dist. A second stronger law was passed as part of the Missouri Compromise in 1850. This was an obvious attempt to limit any means by which slaves might escape to freedom. The whole house was built by his slaves out of clay from the land. census, in 1870, would have been reported with their full name, including surname. These records contain such information as the county of residence, name of the planter, plantation name (if one was given), name of freedman, age, and terms of pay. In the early 19th century, the plantation was owned by planter Isaac Ross of Slaves taken up within the county or counties adjoining brought a reward of $5 to $10. data for 1860 was obtained from the Historical United States Census Data Browser, which is a 500-999 acres. 2, page 78, COFFEY, Chesley S., 41 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 38, HUNT, David, 386 slaves, Police Dist. 2, page 84B, OQUIN, R. B., Thomas Oquin agent, 23 slaves, Police Dist. In 1825, the General Assembly identified a black person as one who had one-fourth part or more of negro blood - having three white grandparents and one black grandparent made a person black in the eyes of Missouri law and therefore subject to the laws governing slaves or negroes and mulattos. That same year, the legislature also directed county courts to appoint patrols to visit negro quarters, and other places suspected of unlawful assemblages of slaves (Laws , 1825, p. 614). Linking names of plantations in this County with the names of the large holders All Census Records - 1870 - Jefferson County, Union Church, MS - Page 26 M., 27 slaves, Police Dist. 5, page 42, WOOD, Edgar G., Calverton Place, 88 slaves, Police Dist. 4, page 48, NEWMAN, Alex, 31 slaves, Police Dist. Find upcoming programs and events that explore Mississippi's many stories. The same sentence applied to a free negro who broke this law. The law imposed a penalty of $150 for each illegally transported slave; in addition, the master could recover damages, including the market value for a lost or runaway slave, from the ship's captain or ship's owner in court. Slave patrols worked at least twelve hours per month, or as many hours as the court appointing it desired; members received twenty-five cents per hour. The new statutes allowed any citizen to apprehend a runaway slave and deliver said slave to the justice of the peace. The 1860 U.S. Census was the last U.S. census showing slaves and Numerous persons and organizations defied the law. GEORGE PRIMUS there were smaller slaveholders with that surname. The Missouri legislature inherited the idea for most of these regulations, or slave codes, from previous administrative authorities. air vent behind fridge, oniou fitness tracker app, captain morgan coconut rum vs parrot bay,

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